Cambodian sex trafficking documentary

Posted by / 01-Jul-2017 16:30

Outside, the alleys team with rats and shady young toughs.Women lean into shadowy doorways, tucking in their saris, scanning the passers-by.In Mumbai (formerly Bombay), figures run as high as 70%. Not only is Sonagachi a prison no one can leave; it is also difficult to get in.

Along with the government, the media chooses to ignore the enormous scale of the industry. Champa Das sits on the narrow bit of floor next to the bed. The aim of the organization is to promote reliance, respect and recognition amongst sex workers. She sits cross-legged, playing with her mobile phone while talking to Champa Das.

Champa Das has been a sex worker all her adult life.

This is my home.” Champa Das has invited me into her home.

Champa Das lives in a tiny, 2 by 7 meter corridor-like room. Suparna Tat has been a field worker and program coordinator for The Durbar Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) for a year. In the light of the neon overhead our host’s scars become clearly visible.

Champa Das’ arms are lined with old cuts and her face is battered. Champa Das remarks, “The lady who owns this building rents out ten rooms like mine.

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