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Dating antique china

based on frame and panel, yoke and rack (based on post and rail seen in architecture) and bamboo construction techniques.

Chinese home furniture evolved independently of Western furniture into many similar forms including chairs, tables, stools, cupboards, cabinets, beds and sofas.

It is here that evidence of early versions of the round and yoke back chairs are found, generally used by the elite.

From the Qing dynasty furniture made for export, mostly to Europe, became a distinct style, generally made in rather different shapes to suit the destination markets and highly decorated in lacquer and other techniques.

Chinese furniture for sitting or lying on was very often used with cushions, but textiles and upholstery are not, until very late historical periods, incorporated into the piece itself in the Western manner.

These properties make them dimensionally stable, hardwearing, rot and insect resistant, and when new, highly fragrant. Due to overlogging for the said furniture, most of the species are either threatened or endangered.

The density and toughness of the wood also allows furniture to be built without the use of glue and nail, but rather constructed from joinery and doweling alone. Construction of traditional wooden Chinese furniture is based primarily of solid wood pieces connected solely using woodworking joints, and rarely using glue or metallic nails.

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A Ming Imperial table entirely covered in carved lacquer, now in London, is one of the finest survivals of the period. This is one of the most valued and traditionally used hardwoods for Chinese furniture before its overharvesting from Chinese domestic sources.

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