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Dating site useless

I won’t re-hash the story here, but feel free to view the thread on my twitter if you are curious.

So, if for some reason you WANT someone to know you viewed them, you can just hit “reveal visit” and they will just think you are a normal user.

I find myself only looking at the profiles of people who already liked me.

It’s nice to get some guaranteed matches but I guess I overall am lowering my chances by swiping less.

I hope they are still giving good customer service to all users, because everyone deserves it, but I do think you deserve first access if you pay them and it’s nice that they provide that because not all apps do. In my original app reviews Bumble came out on top and they periodically donate to charity for matches and messages.

(Worth noting, when I wrote that charity article, I actually was using Bumble Boost.) Bumble has the highest quality men and the best customer service.

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