Delicious network not updating heartbeat app dating website

Posted by / 21-Dec-2017 05:33

The bookmarklet, for example, is something you can add to your browser.When you come across a great page online that you want to save to Delicious, just click that button.After changing hands five times since it was founded in 2003, social bookmarking site Delicious has reached its end.Last week, rival company Pinboard announced that it had acquired the beleaguered site, and that it would be shutting it down as of June 15th.

Add Link: You can use this tab to manually add a link to Delicious.For a couple of years, Delicious was one of those sites that internet users relied on.Designed to store and share bookmarks, it allowed them to build up a collection of bookmarks that they could access from anywhere.If you signed up for Delicious using one of your social accounts like Facebook or Twitter, then the links shared by the people you're connected to in this networks will show up in this tab if they also use Delicious.If you don't see anything in this tab yet, you can connect your social accounts to find your friends who are using Delicious.

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Anything you save from the desktop web or on mobile will automatically be synced across your account so you always have the most up to date links no matter where you're using it.