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Instead of waiting 20 minutes ONCE the oven had heated up, I popped these babies into the air fryer and BOOM, ready in 10!(Saving me 25 minutes on my traditional oven and a whole lot of whining from the kids! uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page. Please set your browser to accept cookies to continue.Hands down it’s going to be one of my most loved kitchen appliances now!

So here we go – I tried quite a few dishes I’d traditionally use the deep fryer or oven for and here’s what happened along the way! I popped my son’s favourite shoestring fries in the basket and popped her on for 3 minutes, as you need to stop halfway through to give them a shake and a shuffle.Sweet, succulent and really delicious, the kids gobbled them down and were a real hit!By now I had the hang of this and knew I’d slice some much needed time off heating up some frozen pies and pasties from two very hangry boys.) We chose to have Chicken Kievs one evening and to be honest while I love them, I tend to avoid them as they often break open while cooking (and turning).I thought this’d be a great test so popped some into the oven and they cooked perfectly – and tasted amazing too!

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