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phone/contact wise, there are hundreds of options available to use so if the sock one for some odd reason isn't to your liking, just download or customize any of them.

There are two things that aren't mentioned here.

[email protected]Mosc, I'll be switching from the 7 to the X (for just a couple extra $/month on the upgrade program).

It'll show a third more pixels on a bigger screen, but be 15% smaller (volume) and 4% lighter.

NY Times; current Yahoo) that Portrait Mode WILL work for non-facial objects in the i Phone 8 just as it currently does for the i Phone 7.

So the line from Pane 3 is incorrect that says "Apple means it when they call it Portrait Mode: it can only be used when a face is detected.

they just *shrug* with "idunno" and "can't-dothat") = no help there ...

I have no problem spending 00 on a phone that will be almost attached to me for two years.

Samsung doesn't require a face to be in the scene."Some good advice from the tech people at ZDNet: (There are 16 of them)"New to i OS 11?

Change these privacy and security settings right now".

A normal lens should be really easy to design, so the fact that the lens is one stop slower and the CMOS is effectively “one stop” smaller makes me think that they put absolutely no effort into the lens, basically this is the original equiv.

26mm lens on a x1.4 extender coupled with a CMOS with x1.4 crop factor compared to the original.

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LIVE wall papers,expandable micro SD slot,( A MUST FOR 4K VIDEO /photo with UNLIMITED sd storage), better and larger AMOLED screen with higher PPI , EXchangeable battery with backup on accessory battery,standard headphone jack, OTG on the go system (external hard drive , SSD ,card readers mouse , slave battery charger to other systems,real key board and peripherals ) , IP68 dust and waterproofness ,stylus input in ANY form/ languages are SUPERIOR than the so called Iphone X are the deal breakers for me ......try though from apple but 4 years outdated .....wireless charging, Oled SCREEN..... Does the article refer to "macro" or closeup photo capabilities?

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