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His skeleton also shows signs that he had lived a tough life before his death sometime after the age of 40.

“So skeletons like this are really our chance to learn about how the ordinary poor lived.” The man, known simply as Context 958, was among 400 complete skeletons found when the graveyard was excavated between 20.

“He has a few unusual features, notably being buried face down which is a small irregularity for mediaeval burial,” said Professor Robb.

“But, we are interested in him and in people like him more for ways in which they are not unusual, as they represent a sector of the mediaeval population which is quite hard to learn about: ordinary poor people.

“We can't say what job specifically he did, but he was a working class person, perhaps with a specialised trade of some kind,” he said.

“One interesting feature is that he had a diet relatively rich in meat or fish, which may suggest that he was in a trade or job which gave him more access to these foods than a poor person might have normally had.

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“He had fallen on hard times, perhaps through illness, limiting his ability to continue working or through not having a family network to take care of him in his poverty.” Analysis of his teeth showed he had stopped growing enamel twice while young, a sign that he was either seriously ill or starving.