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In fact, Iran’s political establishment is far from ready for a drastic turnabout in relations with the Great Satan. S.-Iranian alliance during the Cold War are long gone -- the genuine Soviet menace, the strongman regime installed by a U. alliance with Israel, Iran’s sworn enemy, has only deepened.

S.-sponsored coup, even the intense dependency on foreign oil. Any mini-détente with the United States, which is vital for Iran’s domestic development, is going to require far-reaching domestic changes.

Nowadays the term ‘sniper’ has acquired a more professional meaning, as modern armies have incorporated elite sniper corps, because of the advantages they offer in a range of combat environments, their potential now amplified by improved weapons and optics.

Films and videogames have also popularised the concept of the sniper.

Statelets concocted by French and British colonial officials, the bankruptcy of pan-Arab nationalism, the recent struggles to the death between hopelessly corrupt authoritarians and the opposition (which is also often authoritarian), some violent de facto partitions -- these have created a regional tangle that inflicts immense suffering and that no outside power can readily unknot. Thanks to Iran’s behavior, its neighborhood has become still more treacherous, and the pain is multiplied by the country’s international isolation, high inflation, and collapsing currency.

It is unclear that Iranian regional “successes” improved its security or its citizens’ well-being.In Iran, as in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, the revolution is aging, with far-reaching consequences.An official ideology, whether Marxism-Leninism or political Islam, can give a regime great power.There is one essential element in the equipment of any professional sniper: his gun.This is usually fitted with telescopic sights to bring the target as close as possible, allowing the sniper to remain far away and under cover.

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But it also means that he cannot impose far-reaching reform.