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One comment read: "For having "rendezvous" you end up pregnate of someone who doesnt even want to see u [sic] We should have known dating Harry was a doomed mission as soon as we caught wind of the ruckus Ms. In 2011, a 17-year-old Harry Styles started seeing the then 32-year-old TV presenter, Caroline Flack.Surprise, surprise, Caroline soon started receiving hurls of online abuse via Twitter from Harry's fans.Zayn seems eager to make this romance a reality, and Liam seems willing to oblige.DEFINITELY IN LOVE.(UPDATED: An earlier version of this post downplayed the extent of Ziam's affair.But more often than not, Harry seems to resist Zayn's advances.So this love may be beautiful to imagine, but chances they'll grow old together are slim. They are best friends, they stare longingly into each other's eyes, pet one another's hair, and evidence of the physicality of their relationship is plenty.

The most picturesque pair, Zayn with his exotic eyes and strong jaw, Harry with his wild hair and all-around charisma.

THERE' S nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild when it comes to celeb crushes - we've all been there.

There's the big house in Beverley Hills that you share with Zayn Malik and 25 puppies, a Seychelles wedding with Liam Payne...

From trolls to physical attacks, perhaps we're better off without our flawed fantasies after all...

In 2015, the LA stylist hit headlines as the news broke that she was pregnant with Louis Tomlinson's child.

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