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The posterior portion of the left ramus of the mandible and the bones of the right cheek area were missing.These areas did not show obvious signs of recent fracture, but it could not be determined if the damage was peri- or postmortem.The resources of the Smithsonian Institution’s Vertebrate Paleontology Preparation Laboratory were drawn upon to remove the plastic atrix with a pneumatic scribe.

OK, so Craig Manning (played by Jake Epstein) joined in the second season but he was so dreamy as the show's moody musician that he needed to be mentioned.

Its chemical composition indicated that it was similar to the plastic used in kitchen countertops, not commonly sold to the public in the quantity that was used to encase the skull.

The removal of the matrix proved to be quite a challenge.

She's still acting, and you can spot her in made-for-television movies like the drama No one could rock a pink sweatsuit like Manny Santos, Emma's bestie and the resident sexy girl.

Cassie Steele also left after nine seasons and also continues to act, appearing in made-for-TV movies like Sarah Barrable-Tishauer played the adorably geeky Liberty Van Zandt.

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